1001 Computational Stochastic Structural Dynamics

Antonina Pirrotta, University of Palermo
Mario di Paola, University of Palermo
Carsten Proppe, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Stochastic structural dynamics is of common interest to engineers and applied scientists belonging to many disciplines. 
Recent research in this area has been concentrated on structural systems subjected to random excitation, on uncertainties related to model parameters and on the propagation of uncertainties on multiple scales.
These problems demand a high degree of sophistication in the numerical approaches and preclude the direct application of standard methods from computational dynamics. 

The minisymposium seeks to bring together students, academicians and professionals working on computational stochastic structural dynamics. The aim of this minisymposium is to provide a forum for discussing novel computational models, methods and applications related to structural dynamics problems that deal with uncertainties. 

In particular, contributions to the following topics are of significant interest:
- Structural health monitoring
- System identification, model updating and model class selection methods dealing with uncertainties
- Stochastic computational methods for contact, fracture, interface modeling and other important engineering problems
- Multiscale model and reduced order models for heterogeneous materials including composites, concrete, wood, bio-materials and 
- Multiscale and reduced order models in stochastic structural dynamics
- Error estimation, algorithmic analysis and convergence studie