1007 Wave Mechanics in Heterogeneous Materials and Structures

Xiaoming Zhou, Beijing Institute of Technology
Yize Wang, Beijing Jiaotong University
Zhanli Liu, Tsinghua University
Stress wave propagation formed by disturbances locally applied in heterogeneous materials and structures has been a fascinating and challenging subject for a long time. Motivations of the study of subjects are the broad practical applications, for example in predicting responses to impact or blast loads, crack propagation under dynamic stress fields, and damage of earthquake waves. On the other side, heterogeneous materials and structures can be tailored to control stress wave propagation in the way as one will. This forms the study of the subject of meta-materials and meta-structures, which is bringing disruptive technological concepts to wave controlling, from acoustic cloaking, sub-diffraction-limited imaging to earthquake wave protection, etc.

Hence, this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers in various fields to discuss and exchange ideas and visions about wave mechanics in heterogeneous materials and structures, such as computational models and methods of wave propagation, inverse problem of waves, and wave control.

The topics of interest for this mini-symposium include, but not limited to,

a) Advanced computational method of wave propagation in complex mediums;

b) Research on fracture and damage of heterogeneous materials and structures under dynamic stress loadings;

c) Design of meta-materials and meta-structures in the area of wave controlling;

d) The inverse problem of waves and its application.