101 Symposium to Honor Professor Thomas JR Hughes on his 75th Birthday

Arif Masud, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wing Kam Liu, Northwestern University
Isaac Harari, Tel Aviv University
Yuri Bazilevs, UC-San DIego
Alessandro Reali, University of Pavia
Greg Hulbert, University of Michigan
This symposium is dedicated to the celebration of the 75th Birthday of Thomas J.R. Hughes. A phenomenal leader in finite element methods and computational mechanics, Tom Hughes has made pioneering contributions on many fronts in these fields and has been a prime mover in bringing these fields to a new era. We see this in the contributions that he made directly, in the contributions he made through the students he trained and associates he guided, and in the contributions made by the friends and colleagues he inspired.

This special symposium is a tribute from friends, colleagues, former students and associates of Tom Hughes to his contributions to the field of computational mechanics.

Participation in the symposium is by invitation only.