1010 Reduced Order Techniques for Modelling the Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour of Lightweight Structures

Carol Featherston, Cardiff University
David Kennedy, Cardiff University
Zhangming Wu, Cardiff University
Lightweight structures are increasingly important, particularly in the aerospace industry where weight saving leads to more fuel efficient aircraft, lowering operating costs and reducing emissions. By improving our understanding and ability to predict the behaviour of these structures including the effects of large deformations and damage initiation and propagation we are able to consider the possibility of utilizing postbuckling reserves of strength allowing us to further reduce their mass. The level of complexity involved in such models however can make them computationally expensive to use, particularly where they are incorporated into optimisation processes over multiple load cases which may require thousands of analyses. This minisymposium therefore, will present some of the latest research into creating reduced order models to describe this behaviour whilst reducing computational effort.

Keywords – Lightweight structures, Postbuckling, Reduced Order Techniques