105 Special Symposium to Celebrate the 99th Birthday of Distinguished Professor Yuan-Cheng B. Fung

Linhong Deng

Dalin Tang

Yingxiao (Peter) Wang, University of California-San Diego

This special symposium is dedicated to celebrate the 99th birthday of distinguished Emeritus Professor Yuan Cheng “Birt” Fung of UCSD. Professor Fung was born in 1919 in China. After finishing his colledge education in China, he moved to USA for posgraduate study and earned his PhD from CalTech in 1948. He soon became well-known for his great work in continuum mechanics and aeroelasticity. However, in the 1960’s he began to study biomechanics of the living tissues and then became a pioneer and world authority in the field. Throughout his career, Professor Fung has made tremendous contributions in the continuum mechanics and biomechanics, including numerous high impact research papers and several prominent text books which are still widely read by scholars and students. Because of his great academic accomplishment, he is elected as the Member of National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine of USA, as well as Foreign Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fellow of Academia Sinica. He has also won many prestigious awards including the Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize, 2007. Perhaps more importantly, he is widely recognized as “Father of modern biomechanics”. As Professor Fung turns the age of 99 in 2018, it is a high time to celebrate his wonderful accomplishments in both life and science. Therefore, this special symposium is a tribute from the research community to honor his contributions to biomechanics in health and medicine. This symposium should call upon some of the most influential experts in the field including some of Professor Fung’s prominent colleagues and former students to gather together in New York City to review Professor Fung’s extraordinary research work and achievements, to report and demonstrate the most current research advancements as well as to envision the future of his pioneered field.

Honors and awards of Prof. Yuan-Cheng Fung

  • Theodore von Karman Medal, 1976
  • Otto Laporte Award, 1977
  • Worcester Reed Warner Medal, 1984
  • Jean-Leonard-Marie Poiseuille Award, 1986
  • Timoshenko Medal, 1991
  • Lissner Award for Bioengineering, from ASME
  • Borelli Medal, from ASB
  • Landis Award, from Microcirculation Society Alza Award, from BMES
  • Melville Medal, 1994
  • United States National Academy of Engineering Founders Award, 1998
  • National Medal of Science, 2000
  • Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize, 2007 Revelle Medal, from UC San Diego, 2016