1102 Allowable Generation for Advanced Multi Scale Materials, Structures, and Processes

Frank Abdi, Alpha STAR Corporation
Cody Godines, Alpha STAR Corporation
Elizabeth Clarkson, National Institute for Aviation Research
Traditionally engineers have tested materials and coupons in various forms in order to obtain the necessary “material allowable” and support scale up according to the “Building Block Testing Approach”. Unfortunately, the cost of testing per the Building Block approach is costly, because it requires a robust sampling of ASTM coupons. The determination of all strength allowables by means of testing, even if the material is produced at one facility, is costly and time consuming, as a large number of samples needs to be tested at different environments. Furthermore, as you scale up to the structural level, the cost exponentially increases or becomes too expensive to be feasible. This minisymposium will host technical discussions on computational test reduction techniques to determine allowables. The topics can include but not limited to probabilistic methods, approaches to dealing with batch to batch variability and how they can feed into probabilistic methods, generic basis allowables, and Bayesian updating.

Keywords: Allowables, Probabilistic Methods, Multi Scale Materials