1103 Additive Manufacturing Process Optimization Through Testing and Simulation

Frank Abdi, Alpha STAR Corporation
Saber DorMohammadi, Alpha STAR Corporation
Cody Godines, Alpha STAR Corporation
AM Parts can range from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. The things to avoid are voids, cracks, surface roughness, warping (residual stress and distortion), anisotropic microstructure (due to variable cooling rates), overhang drooping, and pinching of supports to name a few. Quality of the material can be investigated with witness specimens which can determine density, surface roughness, grain structure and phases near local zones (supports), uneven melt pool distribution, and problems with hatch spacing or fill patterns. Print design of experiments help material quality in the simplest of cases. It begins to get expensive to reprint and empirically determine how to fix AM printing of complex structures to minimize the unwanted items. This session will focus on print optimization methods to overcome major pitfalls of AM. The lessons can come from testing, simulation, or a combination of both.