1106 Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)

Varun Gupta, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Timothy Truster, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Mark Messner, Argonne National Laboratory
ICME is an emerging field which promises to link manufacturing and design via advanced process-structure-property models in a seamless, integrated computational environment. It involves integration of information across different length and time scales for all relevant materials phenomena and enables concurrent analysis of manufacturing process and material properties within a holistic framework.
This mini-symposium focuses on such aspects and their integration in multiscale modeling approaches in general.
The topics covered include (but are not limited to):
• Multiscale modeling: Strategies for representing the inherently multiscale nature of the problem covering different spatial or temporal scales
• Enrichment and XFEM/GFEM methods
• Adaptive mesh or sampling grid generation
• Mesh generation
• Process-structure models: Part-scale and multiscale simulation of the manufacturing process for predicting surface topology and microstructure including defects
• Multi-scale material characterization
• Structure based property prediction
• Modeling of advanced manufacturing or joining processes
• Modeling of novel material systems
• Metal forming and materials processing simulation and design
• Process-part optimization for design of structural parts/components
• Verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification
• Probabilistic methods in multiscale modeling