1112 Algorithms and Software for Strength Analysis for Additive Technologies, Metamaterials, Growth of Defects at Finite Strains

Vladimir Levin, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Konstantin Zingerman, Tver State University
Anatoly Vershinin, Lomonosov Moscow State University
The minisymposium will be devoted to development of mathematical models, numerical methods, algorithms, and software for engineering strength analysis for parts made by additive manufacturing, and also for parts made of metamaterials. The analysis of initiation and growth of defects in these parts is of special interest. The reports concerning with nonlinear effects caused by finite strains and their redistribution in the process of manufacturing and use of products are preferred.

Topics to be addressed include (but are not limited to):

- The developments related with numerical modeling of physical processes that take place during additive manufacturing at different scale levels;

- The impact of additive manufacturing strategy on the strength of parts;

- Effective mechanical and thermophysical material properties for parts made by additive manufacturing;

- Peculiarities of manufacturing for parts made of stucturally inhomogeneous and functionally graded materials;

- Residual stresses in additive manufacturing products;

- Stability of parts in the process of additive manufacturing;

- Numerical and analytical models of damage accumulation, crack initiation and growth in additive manufacturing products;

- Verification and validation of software for the modeling of additive manufacturing, exact and approximate analytical solutions within the scope of solid body mechanics;

- Industrial monitoring of additive manufacturing products;

- Modern numerical methods for stress analysis of additive manufacturing products;

- Parallel computations for modeling of additive manufacturing, including implementation on supercomputers.