1113 Computational Methods and Applications in the Development and Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Solids

Alberto Cuitino, Rutgers
German Drazer, Rutgers
Marcial Gonzalez, Purdue
This symposium is a forum to present and discuss recent developments in computational mechanics related to the development, manufacturing and characterization of pharmaceutical materials, from excipients and active ingredients to oral solid dosage forms. Pharmaceutical manufacturing involves a series of processing steps from liquid and granular mixing, to powder consolidation, to optimization of the manufacturing operations and to quality assurance. A critical element towards a systematic approach for robust and efficient manufacturing pharmaceuticals is the availability of reliable and predictable computational methods and strategies. The scope of this symposium is broad, nucleating many issues relevant to pharmaceutical manufacturing, including but not limited to computational modeling of unit operations (feeding, blending, dry and wet granulation, compaction) and modeling of product performance (dissolution, strength, content variability).