1114 Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) of Composites

Venkat Aitharaju, General Motors
Jacob Fish, Columbia University
Roger Ghanem, University of Southern California
Predictability of composite materials has been one of the bottlenecks and hindering the large scale implementation in the industry. Several challenges exist in simulating the manufacturing performance and structural performance. Material properties of composites are function of manufacturing process used, and structural performance predictability must include manufacturing outcome. Existing computational tools only account for a fragmented portion of domain covering different length and time scales of composite design. Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) is an approach to design the products, the materials that comprise them, and their associated materials processing methods by linking material models at various length scales. ICME embraces a combined strategy of bottom-up and top-down modeling and simulation. Uncertainty is endemic in composites, managing uncertainty and propagating it across the multiple physics and scales is essential. ICME approach will permit to achieve desired optimum macroscopic responses by managing and optimizing designs at various levels including microscopic. The ICME approach will improve development and production of new and robust materials, reduce complexity and high cost of testing. The objective of this symposium to bring researchers in various areas of composite modeling such as manufacturing, structural performance and uncertainty to addresses these challenges.