1211 Structure, Statistics and Mechanics in Crystal Dislocation Plasticity

Stefanos Papanikolaou, West Virginia University
The symposium is intended to establish connections between microstructural properties of dislocation defects and their statistical properties, with macroscopic crystal plasticity, especially in systems that share large microstructural disorder, such as additively manufactured materials. To facilitate this long-standing challenge, the focus will be concentrated on insights that may originate in various modeling approaches, such as discrete dislocation dynamics and molecular dynamics. In addition, emphasis will be given on the recent progress in understanding dislocation patterning since it, beside the mechanisms of deformation and multiplication, is responsible for critical differences in the mechanical behavior. Furthermore, the properties of dislocation ensembles near grain-boundaries, free sample boundaries or grain-matrix/substrate boundaries, can induce dramatic mechanical behavior differences as it is clear in investigations of nanocomposites or nanocrystalline materials. Comparing up-to-date theoretical techniques and methods of experimentation on these fields shall inspire ideas for future work on both modeling and experimental levels in crystalline systems. We plan to invite experts on the topics of dislocation dynamics and statistical mechanics.