1216 Microstructure Regulated Mechanics of Materials Under Extreme Dynamic Environments

Nitin Daphalapurkar, Johns Hopkins University
Andrew Tonge, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Richard Leavy, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Simulations that map processing-related heterogeneities to material properties and performance in extreme dynamic environments are critical to enable closure of the materials-by-design loop. This minisymposium aims to showcase advanced models and simulations incorporating material heterogeneities from atomistic to continuum, such as, grain boundaries, twin boundaries, dislocations, phase boundaries, multi-material interfaces, cracks, inclusions, amorphized zones. Models and simulations of materials response using particle-based or finite-element methods, incorporating mechanics of a single defect, a collection/network of defects, modeled either explicitly or implicitly within a statistical framework, and any other approaches, are encouraged to submit.