1316 Coupled Problems in Engineering Applications

Facundo Del Pin, Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Rodrigo Paz, Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Iñaki Çaldichoury, Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Hugo Castro, National Council for Scientific Research (CONICET-UTN-FRRe). Argentina
The focus of this session is to discuss numerical methods and/or engineering applications that involve coupling or interaction between several numerical disciplines to achieve an accurate solution. These kind of problems have been studied for several years and the results have been applied in numerous engineering endeavors. More recent developments in the area of parallel computing have allowed researchers to replace assumptions or simplifications by the full approximation of the conservation equations providing more detailed and accurate representation of the reality. Although parallel computing is not the main focus of this MS presenters are encouraged to share their experience in this area.
Coupled problems are regarded as problems where two or more domains approximate different sets of conservation laws and where the final solution depends on their interaction. Some examples include:

* Medical devices, stents deployment, artificial heart valves.
* thermal/electromagnetic/structural coupling
* conjugate heat transfer and cooling problems,
* fluid-structure interaction,
* wave energy generation devices,
* dam break and impact problems,
* wind loads in civil structures,
* pollutants transport in air, water and soil environments,
* vibration and flutter analysis.