1806 Advanced Numerical Strategies for the Factory of Future

Francisco Chinesta, Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Elias Cueto, University of Zaragoza
Pedro Diez, UPC
Antonio Huerta, UPC
Efficient design of advanced materials, processes, structures and complex systems require efficient numerical strategies able to address the solution of complex models, usually non-linear, multiscale and strongly coupled, defined in very complex and large geometries consisting of many parts (system of system). These complex models must be solved many times for example when addressing optimization or inverse analysis, or very fast when real time designs are envisaged (Internet of Things, autonomous robots, autonomous cars, …) making possible establishing bridges between data, information, knowledge and decision making.
In this session we consider techniques able to proceed in such direction:
- Adaptive strategies
- Multiscale techniques, advanced homogenization and upscaling …
- Surrogate models
- Model reduction
- Domain decomposition
- Advanced optimization techniques
- Discontinuous Galerkin
- Linear solvers
- GPUs
- Augmented reality
- Big-Data
- Machine (deep and manifold) learning
- Data-Driven Application Systems
- Data assimilation …