230 Stochastic Computational Fracture Mechanics

Cheng Su, South China University of Technology
Zhongwei Guan, University of Liverpool
Haitao Ma, Guangzhou University
Various deterministic methods for analysis of engineering fracture problems have been well developed in the framework of the traditional theory of fracture mechanics. However, due to the inherent uncertainties in crack geometry, material properties and external loads, deterministic analysis cannot provide a complete picture of reality for structures with cracks. Stochastic fracture mechanics, which combines the classical theory of fracture mechanics with the probability theory, provides statistical characteristics of structures with cracks and uncertain parameters.

The goal of this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers working on numerical methods in stochastic fracture mechanics. Potential topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Recent advances in computational fracture mechanics
• Stochastic finite element method in fracture mechanics
• Stochastic boundary element method in fracture mechanics
• Stochastic meshfree methods in fracture mechanics
• Fracture reliability analysis of structures with cracks
• Prediction of the fatigue life of structures with cracks and uncertainties
• Engineering applications of stochastic fracture mechanics