406 Multiscale Structure-Materials Modeling: Addressing the State of the Art and Identified Gaps

Somnath Ghosh, Johns Hopkins University
Caglar Oskay, Vanderbilt University
Karel Matous, University of Notre Dame
Tamar Schlick, New York University
Klaus Hackl
This mini-symposium will provide a forum for engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists to discuss recent developments in the broad field of Multiscale Structure-Materials Modeling. A challenge in this field of mechanics is to get the real materials integrated with mechanics of structures to enable better design at multiple scales. An emerging and transformative area on interest in this context is scientific computing and the role of large data in multiscale modeling. Given the importance of Simulation Based Design of Materials, the growing interest in the emerging field of Additive Manufacturing that is prompting new developments, and wide application of these methods, this symposium promises to bring together a wide variety of disciplines for the exchange of state-of- the-art technical information on the subject.

The topics to be covered will include:
Mathematical theory and models addressing gaps
Emerging multiscale approaches covering the structure-material domain at multiple levels
Scientific Computing and Large Data in Multiscale Structure-Materials Modeling
Integrating real materials with structure-material mechanics
Process modeling of materials
Novel material systems
Uncertainty quantification methods
Industrial applications