419 Advances in Computational Mechanics for the Multiphysics and Multiscale Simulation of Infrastructure Materials

Robert Browning, U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center
Gianluca Cusatis, Northwestern University
Due to growing costs of construction and increased security requirements, the design and protection of infrastructure is continuing to rely more heavily upon advanced simulation techniques. The wide variety of structural materials used for infrastructure applications continue to pose many challenges to the field of computational mechanics due to their complex internal structure and the multitude of mechanical behaviors observed at the macroscopic scale.

Specific topics of interest for this mini-minisymposium include, but are limited to,
• Chemical reactions in infrastructure materials
• Strength build-up and strength deterioration
• High-strain rate effects
• Discrete and meshless modeling
• Coupled mechanical and transport phenomena
• CT-scan characterization

This minisymposium will educate analysts on recent advances in computational mechanics that could offer greater accuracy and insight when analyzing complex structural and material systems. Researchers - both computational and experimental - will also benefit from becoming familiar with these advances.