428 Recent Applications of Meshless Methods for Multiphysics Problems

Nathaniel Trask, Sandia National Laboratories
Pavel Bochev, Sandia National Laboratories
Kyungjoo Kim, Sandia National Laboratories
Mauro Perego, Sandia National Laboratories
Particle methods are well suited for applications with large boundary deformation and interfacial problems, where grid-based methods must introduce sophisticated interface tracking techniques to control artificial smearing of the interface. Recent work has shown that these techniques are particularly well-suited for problems at the mesoscale, which may be characterized by surface physics, non-local phenomena, thermal fluctuations and coupling of multiphysics across dissimilar discretizations.

In this minisymposium we bring together researchers using particle methods to study problems in the sciences and engineering. We welcome contributions from those using meshfree and hybrid particle-mesh methods, with a focus on approaches involving smoothed particle hydrodynamics and moving least squares type methods. In particular this section will focus on novel applications where meshless methods are uniquely able to provide a simulation capability for multiphysics and multiscale problems, considering for example: multiphase flows, electrokinetics, fluctuating hydrodynamics and interfacial phenomena.