516 Computational Methods and Applications of Phase Field Models in Biology

Yanxiang Zhao, The George Washington University
Lei Zhang, Peking University
Arzhang Angoshtari, The George Washington University
Phase field models aim to capture the dynamics of the interfacial problems arising from variety of biological process such as wound healing, embryogenesis, and cancer metastasis. Such dynamical systems usually include multiple interactive components that exhibit complicated temporal and spatial dynamics with multiple time and length scales, which are extremely difficult to model and make faithful predictions. This mini-symposium aims to bring researchers with diverse background to address recent advances in the applications of phase field models in biology. Works on modeling biological applications and developing new analytical and computational techniques are welcomed. Topics of particular interest include but are not limited to: New efficient numerical methods for phase field models such as finite element and spectral methods, phase filed modeling of singular responses such as pores in lipid membranes, cell motility, tumor growth, tissue development, etc.