524 Interplay between Biological and Mechanical Factors in Bone Adaptation

Svetlana Komarova, McGill University, Shriners Hospital for Children-Canada
Bettina Willie, McGill University, Shriners Hospital for Children-Canada
Bone organ is functionally involved in a number of critical yet unrelated processes, including mineral homeostasis, hematopoietic tissue support and structural support of locomotion. Bone tissue is actively adapted to these demands, exhibiting complex regulatory feedbacks that are tailored to support different functional responses. The interplay between biological and mechanical factors is particularly complex due to different temporal, dimensional and hierarchical scales involved in the bone’s adaptive responses to these factors. To take into account such inherently complex interactions interdisciplinary efforts are required.
This mini-symposium is organized to provide a forum for discussions and collaborations among researchers active in the field of skeletal computational and experimental sciences. The submission topics include but are not limited to aging and mechanical bone adaptation, mechanobiology of bone healing, interactions between calcium homeostasis and bone biomechanics, bone adaptation to microgravity.