602 Mechanical Response of Complex and Disordered Materials

Anne Tanguy, INSA-Lyon
Michael Falk, Johns Hopkins University
Damien Vandembroucq, ESPCI-CNRS
Tristan Albaret, Université Lyon 1
This mini-symposium focuses on the small scale mechanical response of complex materials (disordered materials, glasses, granular media, beam lattices, fibreous materials, etc.) subjected to mechanical load. These materials exhibit complex inhomogeneous deformations, with strain localization and/or history dependence, yielding to unusual visco-plastic properties.
The application of numerical approaches for analyzing the response of the complex microstructure of disordered materials has resulted in a coupling between scales, with the goal of formulating a continuum description of the mechanical response at large scale from first principles. Such approaches include molecular dynamics simulations, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, coarse-graining methods, second-gradient or Cosserat modelization, and mesoscopic modelling.
The purpose of the meeting is to answer the following questions: How may one take into account the microstructure of such disordered materials? How much precision is required for adequately capturing particular properties? Is there a length scale dependence in the continuum description of such systems? What is the most appropriate way to transfer information from the lower to the upper length scale.
The mini-symposium will be organized into successive sessions, interspersed with time slots specifically devoted to thematic discussions.
It will promote interactions between participants from mechanical engineering, computational mechanics as well as condensed matter and statistical physics.