609 Modelling, Simulation, and Testing of Cementitious Composites

Mieczyslaw Kuczma, Poznan University of Technology
Peter Wriggers, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Jacob Fish, Columbia University

This minisymposium is intended as a forum for presentation and discussion of results and problems related to mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and experimental testing of cementitious composites and structures made thereof, including engineered cementitious composites. Of great interest are innovative cementitious composites with different constituent phases, e.g. with shape memory materials (alloys, polymers), which lead to composites with special functionalities, e.g. the ability of self-healing or self-centering, or high damping capacity.

Different scales of experimental observations (electron and optical microscopy, digital image correlation) and the description via multiscale methods of averaging and computational homogenization can be considered, including microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic scales. The main goal is to find constitutive relations, taking into account the influence of interfaces between the constituent phases, and finally to assess the effective properties of cementitious composites.

Presentation of both deterministic and stochastic models and solution techniques for the coupled chemo-hygro-thermo-mechanical processes as well as deterioration processes in cementitious composites are welcome within the framework of this minisymposium.