620 Computational Modeling of Fibrous and Discrete Materials

Lars Beex, University of Luxembourg
Emanuela Bosco, Eindhoven University of Technology
Ondrej Rokos, Eindhoven University of Technology
Keywords: discrete materials, fibrous materials, multiscale methods, constitutive models, discrete models, stochastic approaches, multiphysics

Numerous solids can be regarded as discrete structures of struts, fibers or yarns at the mesoscale or microscale. These materials frequently appear in industrial and biomechanical applications, since they range from bone to collagen networks, from paper materials to fabrics and from printed structures to foams. The small-scale discreteness present in these materials often leads to particular local and global mechanical phenomena that are essential to capture in computational models for engineering-scale applications. Some models deal with this by sending information from the small-scale to the engineering-scale and back.

The goal of this minisymposium is to bring researchers working on different discrete and fibrous materials together in order to exchange their most recent advances. Contributions considering these types of materials may focus on:

- discrete spring and beam models,
- constitutive models,
- multiscale methods,
- multiphysics approaches,
- stochastic approaches,
- spatial irregularities and topological randomness,
- inverse problems, with or without uncertainties,
- experimental approaches to identify material parameters and
- experimental approaches to identify geometries of small-scale structures.