716 Advances in Computational Environmental Science and Engineering

Shaofan Li, University of California-Berkeley
Kun Zhuo, Nanyang Technological University
Xin Lai, Wuhan University of Technology
This minisymposium will focus on computational studies on environmental science and engineering, in particular, on computational environmental chemistry and applications of computational materials and computational mechanics to environmental engineering problems.. The topics covered by this minisymposium include, but are not limited to:

1. Applications of computational Nano-materials to environmental engineering;

2. Atomistic and multiscale methods for computational environmental chemistry;

3. Multiphysics modeling and simulation of multiphase flows;

4, Finite element and particle methods modeling and simulations in environmental fluid mechanics, such as multiphase fluid flows in porous media,

5. Density functional theory (DFT) and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of atmospheric chemistry and physics, and

6. Modeling and simulation of aerosol dynamics, and

7. Modeling and simulation of nano-material based desalination