718 Computational Multi-phase and Complex Fluid Dynamics

Ching-Yao Chen, National Chiao Tung University
Yang-Yao Niu, Tamkang University
Shu-San Hsiau, National Central University
Progress of numerical schemes and models usually play major roles in computational fluid dynamics. Recent efforts have been devoted for decades to develop accurate and robust and efficient methods and models for high-fidelity simulations of multi-phase and complex flows in industry applications.
As we know, real fluids are mostly consisted of multi-phases or components under certain geometrical constraints. The co-existence of multiple phases in these complex fluids usually exhibit unconventional mechanical responses to the externally applied stress or strain. In particular, their mechanical properties are characterized as high disorder associated with multiple length scales. Due to these complexities, dynamical behaviors of many complex fluids have been poorly understood in experiments. The careful numerical studies of these complex fluids may reveal interesting and conclusive results.