811 Advances in Heterogeneous Numerical Methods

Pavel Bochev, Sandia National Laboratories
Paul Kuberry, Sandia National Laboratories
Mauro Perego, Sandia National Laboratories
Kara Peterson, Sandia National Laboratories
Denis Ridzal, Sandia National Laboratories
Next generation computer platforms can enable effective simulation of increasingly sophisticated mathematical descriptions of complex physical phenomena comprising multiple constituent components with different mathematical properties. Delivering on this promise requires new approaches for the formulation of Heterogeneous Numerical Methods (HNMs) in which “different types of discretizations, appropriate to a particular scale in different portions of the domain, are employed” (*).
This session aims to bring together application scientists from areas that require the solution of HNMs, researchers working on a broad spectrum of numerical technologies supporting the development of HNMs, and researchers developing the software technologies necessary to implement HNMs. The topics discussed will range from mathematical foundations for HNMs such as heterogenous domain decomposition, optimization-based couplings and generalized Schwarz methods, to current advances in software frameworks for the coupling of different simulation codes.

(*) Scientific Grand Challenges. Crosscutting technologies for computing at the exacscale. Report from the Workshop Held February 2-4, 2010, U.S. Department of Energy, Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program, http://www.er.doe.gov/ascr/index.html, May 2010.