910 Stochastic Computation of Damage and Fracture of Heterogeneous Materials

Jia Liang Le, University of Minnesota
Lori Graham-Brady, Johns Hopkins University
Many modern engineering structures are composed of brittle heterogeneous materials, such as composites, ceramics, concrete, etc. Random material heterogeneities often lead to localizations associated with damage, fracture and/or failure. This highlights the need for stochastic computational models that explicitly incorporate random heterogeneities when attempting to predict material failure. This symposium will cover a range of related research topics, which include: simulation of heterogeneous material microstructure, sub-RVE scale homogenization, multi-scale stochastic representation of random materials, stochastic FE simulations of fracture, mesh objectivity of FE simulations, stochastic discrete element simulations, and scale effects in probabilistic fracture.