916 V&V and UQ for prediction in Civil Engineering

Ryosuke Uzuoka, Kyoto University
Hideyuki Sakurai, Shimizu Corporation
Kentaro Nakai, Nagoya University
Shuji Moriguchi, Tohoku University
Most of civil engineering materials, such as geomaterials, concrete materials, etc. are inhomogeneous and complicated. A lot of their constitutive models and numerical methods have been proposed and some have been used in practice, however, the reliability of the numerical simulations has not discussed completely. Moreover infrastructures are basically large and those time scales are long; therefore the complete model experiments are generally impossible. This mini-symposium aims to discuss recent research efforts and progress on V&V (Verification and validation) and UQ (Uncertainty Quantification) in civil engineering. Uncertainty quantification, verification & validation, reliability based design, probabilistic risk assessment, and other related technologies are focused on in this mini-symposium.