1100 Manufacturing and Materials Processing

1101 Advances in Multiscale Computational Methods for the Process and Performance Modeling of Metal-based Additive Manufacturing, Deepankar Pal, Joe Bishop

1102 Allowable Generation for Advanced Multi Scale Materials, Structures, and Processes, Frank Abdi, Cody Godines, Elizabeth Clarkson

1103 Additive Manufacturing Process Optimization Through Testing and Simulation, Frank Abdi, Saber DorMohammadi, Cody Godines

1104 Effects of Manufacturing on the Mechanical Performance of Composites, Patrick de Luca, Royan D'Mello, Anthony Waas

1105 Modeling and Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes, John Michopoulos, Robert Ferencz, Neil Hodge

1106 Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), Varun Gupta, Timothy Truster, Mark Messner

1107 Computational Mechanics and Multiscale Modeling in Manufacturing of Low-dimensional Materials and Structures, Baoxing Xu, Harold Park, Dong Qian, Yongwei Zhang, Dr. Xinrui Niu, Dr. Xianqiao Wang, Dr. Wing Kam Liu

1108 Modeling and Simulation for Additive Manufacturing, Albert To, Lars-Erik Lindgren, Wing Kam Liu

1109 Simulation of Many-particle Systems toward Composite Design and Manufacture, Huiming Yin, Jeffrey Kysar, Shunyin Ji, Xikui Li, Dongdong Wang

1110 Advanced Multi-scale Simulation Tools in Additive Manufacturing, Bernhard Peters, Wing Kam Liu, Jacob Fish, Alvaro Estupinan, Gabriele Pozzetti

1111 Numerical Simulation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Process, Michele Chiumenti, Miguel Cervera

1112 Algorithms and Software for Strength Analysis for Additive Technologies, Metamaterials, Growth of Defects at Finite Strains, Vladimir Levin, Konstantin Zingerman, Anatoly Vershinin

1113 Computational Methods and Applications in the Development and Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Solids, Alberto Cuitino, German Drazer, Marcial Gonzalez

1114 Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) of Composites, Venkat Aitharaju, Jacob Fish, Roger Ghanem

1115 Stochastic, Multi-physics, and Multi-scale Aspects of Additive Manufacturing, Sonjoy Das, Chi Zhou

1116 Computational Approaches to Designing and Fabricating Robots, Stelian Coros, Cynthia Sung

1117 Computational Mechanics in Manufacturing of Composite Structure, Hui Cheng, Yingjie Xu, Wing Kam Liu

1118 High-fidelity Computational Modeling of Process-Structure-Property Relationships in Additive Manufacturing, Wentao Yan, Jinhui Yan