Data-driven Multiscale Modeling and Design of Advanced Material Systems


Complex heterogeneous material systems are a burgeoning avenue of research, development, and technology transfer; as these systems become increasingly complex, so too do the processes required to make them. Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of these processes, as well as their influence on the overall performance of the heterogeneous material system, is a crucial component in a global effort to control the material processing for optimum design. Recent research efforts have focused on developing efficient and accurate descriptions of heterogeneous microstructure-dependent material behavior in order to build this understanding. This lecture provides an overview of our latest efforts to advance this research frontier: we have proposed and developed new methods that allow for fast, confident prediction of the behavior of complex material systems based on the material processing route employed To whit, we will introduce our recent development of the Self-Consistent Clustering Analysis (SCA): an interface between data-science and mechanical science, drawing from multiscale finite elements and relevant numerical methods for modeling and design of advanced material systems. The SCA theory integrates multiscale mechanics of materials with high fidelity physical models and data science theories to efficiently generate macroscale material laws with a drastic reduction in computational cost and resources compared to methods that use the RVE directly. Applications of unsupervised and supervised data science methods and SCA to advanced and additive manufacturing, alloys design, polymer nanocomposites, carbon fiber reinforced composites, composite systems, and joining technologies will be discussed.

Data-science and mechanical science, advanced material systems, process-structure-property-performance, advanced and additive manufacturing, data-driven self consistent clustering analysis, carbon fiber reinforced composites, soft nano-composites, jointing technology, material systems process and design