1406 New Trends in Structural Topology Optimization

Xu Guo, Dalian University of Technology
Weisheng Zhang, Dalian University of Technology
Structural topology optimization, which devotes to designing innovative and lightweight products by distributing materials in an optimal way, has been well applied to design materials with specific mechanical, thermal, acoustic properties, etc. Furthermore, with the rapid development of additive manufacturing technology, it almost makes human imagination to be the major limitation. Except for the great opportunity, new challenges are also emerging when topology optimization meets additive manufacturing. It shows that both some new challenges (e.g., manufacturing constraints) as well as some long-time issues (e.g., multiscale/nonlinear topology optimization) are not straightforward to solve by using traditional implicit topology optimization approaches. Not only new insight but also new analysis and topology optimization framework are highly desired in the current stage. This mini-symposium therefore aims at bringing together researchers from the structural optimization community to discuss latest achievements in the development of new topology optimization method and techniques in dealing with the current challenge issues. Topics of interest for this minisymposium include, but are not limited to the following:
• New framework for structural topology optimization
• Topology optimization considering manufacture constraints
• Nonlinear structural topology optimization problems
• Microstructure design and multiscale topology optimization
• Multi-physics design problems
• Structural design considering uncertainties