1706 Granular Media Modeling and Simulation Techniques

Arman Pazouki, California State University, Los Angeles
Hamid Marvi, Arizona State University
Granular media is a collection of distinct athermal macroscopic particles. Second only to water, granular material comes into play in a broad spectrum of applications. Depending on the composition and loading conditions, granular material can exhibit solid-, liquid-, or gas-like dynamics or transition states such as jamming transition. Several modeling techniques, ranging from discrete to continuum approaches are proposed to study the rich behavior of granular material. Furthermore, advances in computational resources in terms of hardware and software have greatly catalyzed modeling the dynamics of granular material.

This mini-symposium is intended to provide a forum for researchers to present novel scholarly contributions on theoretical, modeling, algorithmic, and computational aspects tied to the problem of granular material behavior. We welcome contributions in the areas related, but not limited, to:

- Continuum and discrete modeling
- Constitutive laws
- contact detection
- Resistive force theory
- Soft soil contact modeling
- High-performance computing
- Micro-structural contact modeling and tribology
- Non-linear dynamics aspects in granular dynamics
- Numerical techniques including discussions of stability, convergence, multi-grid approaches, etc.
- Hybrid discrete-continuum methods
- Multi-scale modeling
- Interface problems
- Locomotion on granular material
- Wet granular media
- Granular dynamics in particulate flow
- Electrostatic and gravitational forces
- Applications