207 Computational Fracture Mechanics in Multi-physics Coupling Problem

Zhanli Liu, Tsinghua University
Xueling Fan, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Haosen Chen, Beijing Institute of Technology
The multi-physics coupling problem has become a popular research field and attracted increasing attentions of researchers from various areas. With the rapid development of computer aided simulation technology, the numerical simulation is becoming a practical and effective means to study multi-physics coupling problems. Among these problems, fracture propagation under multi-physics coupling scenario has become a focus because of the involvement of the complex cracking topology and its intricate underlying mechanisms. Hence, this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers in various fields to discuss and exchange ideas and visions about computational models and methods, such as XFEM and phase-field method, on fracture simulation coupled with multiple physics. The topics of interest for this mini-symposium include, but not limited to, 
a)Fracture mechanism and simulation on fluid-solid interaction, such as hydraulic fracturing and drying process;
b)Research on fracture under thermal-mechanical coupling scenario, such as fracture propagation under thermal shock;
c)Computational fracture model under chemistry coupled environment, such as lithium battery electrode fracture in case of charge and discharge as well as fracture induced by erosion;
d)Newly developed computational methods for multi-physics fracture simulation.