208 Computational Micromechanics and Damage of Composite Materials

Rami Haj-Ali, Tel-Aviv University
Refined multi-scale mechanical simulation of composite structures that include nonlinear effects and progressive damage analysis of composite materials is needed in order to capture safe and efficient designs. The ability to formulate and implement existing and new micromechanical methods is important especially when it can be verified by targeted experimental tests.
This mini-symposium welcomes contributions in the different areas of micromechanics and computational structural mechanics with nonlinear and damage effects.

Examples for key areas are:

Damage and micromechanical approaches for composite materials and structures

Multi-physics micromechanics: thermomechanical, thermo-electro-mechanical coupled computational micromechanical models

Computational damage and fracture mechanics in composite structures

Multi-scale integrated micromechanics in composite structures