212 Variational Fracture Modeling for Brittle and Ductile Materials

Michael Kaliske, Institute for Structural Analysis, TU Dresden
WaiChing Sun, Columbia University
Anna Pandolfi, Politecnico di Milano
Material failures such as fracture and strain localization takes a discrete form. One direct approach to capture these failures is to capture it via enrichment of basis function within a finite element (e.g. extended FEM, assumed strain), or insert surface element on the interfaces between the interface of the finite elements or DG element. Recently an alternative family of approaches in which strong discontinuities are approximated as diffusive interfaces (e.g. thick level-set, phase field, eigenfracture) have gained great attentions. Due to the usage of implicit function to represent localized features, these methods do not require altering the mesh topology or adaptively coming up with enrichment functions while the strong dis-continuities grow or heal. This mini-symposium is intended to provide a forum for researchers to present contributions on recent advances in variational fractures. Topics within the scope of interests includes but not limited to: (1) development and validation of model for brittle fractures, (2) design and performance of monolithic and operator split algorithm, (3) models for ductile fracture and brittle-ductile transition, (4) incorporation of anisotropic (6) phase field modeling of failures of single and poly-crystals and (7) techniques to model fragmentation processes.