708 Scale-Resolving Turbulence Simulation

Kenneth Jansen, University of Colorado Boulder
Andres Tejada-Martinez, University of South Florida
Michel Rasquin, University of Colorado Boulder
With the continuous advancement of computing power, many computational approaches are being applied to scale-resolving simulation which includes large eddy simulation -- with explicit or implicit modeling -- direct numerical simulation, and hybrid models like detached eddy simulation. Among these simulation approaches, a wide variety of discretization techniques are being applied and it is therefore of considerable interest to the computational mechanics community to convene a minisymposium where the various approaches can be compared on the grounds of accuracy and efficiency. There is considerable discussion within the community regarding which level of continuity and order performs the best and therefore finite volume, spectral element, DG, C0, and higher continuity methods are encouraged to participate. Furthermore, there is also a wide variety of sub-grid models and wall models of interest to compare. Finally, in addition to new advancements in methods and models, applications of mature methods and models to both fundamental and complex flows are also of interest to this minisymposium.