715 Reduced Order Methods for Parametric CFD Problems

Gianluigi Rozza, SISSA, Int. School for Advanced Studies, Trieste
Simona Perotto, Politecnico di Milano
Annalisa Quaini, University of Houston
This proposed minisymposium is about the development and application of reduced-order modeling techniques in the field of computational fluid dynamics for control, optimization and design. Large-scale computing is commonly faced in this field due to the high computational complexity of solving parametric and/or stochastic systems described by, e.g. partial different equations, which may lead to unaffordable computational burden for real-world application. In order to tackle this challenge, reduced-order modeling (e.g. RB, POD, EIM, PGD) techniques with the aim of capturing and utilising the most important features of these systems are particularly in need for real-time and/or many-query computing.

This minisymposium focuses on the development and application of reduced-order modeling techniques in following themes: efficient and reliable a posteriori error estimates for reduced solution and output; control, optimisation and design in computational fluid dynamics.

Reduced-order modeling techniques have undergone fast development during the last decade and become a new frontier in scientific computing. Their increasing popularity is witnessed by many minisymposia at congress and conferences around the world, such as ICIAM, ICOSAHOM, WCCM, SIAM CSE, SIAM UQ, SIAM AN, ECCOMAS, ENUMATH. The aim of this minisymposium is to discuss the most recent development of these techniques with emphasis in the field of CFD and identify new directions and perspectives.