813 Accurate and Fast Numerical Solvers for Large-scale Wave Propagation Problems

Axel Modave, CNRS - University of Paris-Saclay
Stéphanie Chaillat, CNRS - University of Paris-Saclay
Jesse Chan, Rice University
Adrianna Gillman, Rice University
The simulation of high-frequency wave propagation in large-scale problems is a key component of several application fields (noise control, electromagnetic compatibility, non-destructive testing, medical and seismic imaging, seismic risk assessment, ...). However, because of the oscillatory nature of the solutions, accurate simulations require expensive computational procedures, and innovative strategies are required to accelerate both new and existing numerical methods.

This mini-symposium will address recent mathematical and computational advances concerning the solution of large-scale wave propagation problems. This encompasses direct, inverse, and eigenvalue problems, as well as both time-dependent and time-harmonic solvers.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to
- high-order methods,
- time-stepping schemes,
- non-reflecting boundary conditions,
- solvers based on integral equations,
- domain decomposition methods,
- preconditioning and algebraic acceleration techniques,
- computational strategies for modern parallel computing,
- uncertainty quantification,
- error estimates,
in the context of wave propagation.